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Why General Contractors use us

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Easy to use, intuitive, with a very short learning curve.

You spend less time learning technology & more time getting work done.


Crafted for General Contractors & focused on bid invitations.

Our feature-rich solution truly understands your workflows and needs.


Encourages more trade responses & improves the quality of your bids.

Extremely easy & accessible for your trades, with no account creation required.


Constantly evolving, with world-class customer service.

Backed by a committed team who continuously updates the product based on your needs.

Proven for success

Hundreds of satisfied users

Thousands of projects tendered

Millions of emails delivered

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Unique and Powerful Features

Use Swiftender to do things that were never possible before.

  • Geolocation data: Automatically know how far your subcontractors are from your projects.
  • Smart Invitation Lists: Your invitation lists are automatically built for your projects based on location and division.
  • Smart Call Lists: Your call lists are automatically prioritized based on activity, location, and subcontractor history. Reach out to the most promising and active contacts up-front.

Great for Subcontractors

More engagement means more quotes and better bids.

  • Free to Use: Free for all subcontractors to use. Subcontractors are not required to log in or manage accounts to participate in invitations.
  • Higher Engagement: Subcontractors that only receive relevant, targeted invitations are much more likely to respond.
  • Digital Plansroom: Subcontractors always have access to the latest digital plansroom. In fact, our system makes it impossible for trades to access outdated information!

Easy and Effective Invitation Process

Bid invitations have never been so simple and organized.

  • Trades List Management: Easily add and modify information about the companies and people that make up your trades list.
  • Bid Invitation Management: Create projects with automatically generated invitation lists within minutes. No file size limitations. Easy addendum management.
  • Mass Email Functionality: Send hundreds of personalized invitation emails and faxes at the click of a button.

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