Refer your contacts and get paid

How it works:

You have an existing network of construction professionals who send out tender invitations to you. We want to get in touch with these professionals to help organize and enhance their tendering process with Swiftender. You simply take a few minutes to send their contact information to us and we will happily pay you for it.

Swiftender is a specialized solution that supports construction professionals in tendering out projects to subcontractors.

The Terms


We will give $10 per contact, and you can submit up to 20 contacts for a $200 payout


The payment will be quickly and directly sent to you through eTransfer upon confirmation of the list


Each contact must include a valid name / email / company / phone (optional) / current solution (BuildingConnected, SmartBid, Plain Email etc)


The contacts must not be an existing Swiftender users


Multiple contacts from the same company do not count


Your information, and this initiative will not be mentioned to any of the contacts, nor will this information be used by any third party. Your privacy will be respected!

Next Steps


Sign up with your email address and agree to the terms above


Check your email inbox for the template spreadsheet (check your junk mail if needed)


Fill out the spreadsheet with the contact info and send it back through the email


Get paid!

Submit Contact Info

You will receive an email at the above address in a few minutes.

If you have any comments or questions please email